Functional Tips On How To Choose Draperies For Your Home

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One of your most important considerations when choosing draperies is without a doubt how good they will look in your home, but don’t sacrifice function when choosing colors, fabrics, and styles.

Anytime Blinds & Shutters, a local window treatment consultant & wholesale dealer, wants to help you capture both function and style when choosing your new draperies. Here are a few tips from our pros.

Functional Blackout Draperies

Blackout draperies can completely block light out. While they are most often considered by daytime sleepers, blackout drapes can serve more than this function.

For instance, many families cordon off one room of the house for entertainment and watching movies. But when it’s time to watch TV, the glare from the windows makes it impossible to enjoy.

Blackout draperies are perfect to block the glare out. Not a crack of light will shine on your big-screen TV. Just keep the drapes open at other times and shut them during movies.

By the way, think about motorized draperies. Wouldn’t it be nice to flip a remote rather than getting up from the recliner?

Thermal Insulated Drapes

Thermal insulated drapes are very functional, the right solution for windows facing direct sunlight. They keep the heat out and your air-conditioned air in your house where it belongs.

Thermal draperies are thicker and heavier but do a great job at insulating your windows so you can save up to 25% on your cooling bills.

Drapery Sheers

Drapery sheers can be used alone or paired with other window treatments. The sheer fabric of the draperies adds just enough privacy while still letting natural light into the room.

Be careful about the quality of your sheer draperies as the material can be very delicate if not quality-made.

Never buy draperies that come from overseas if you expect quality. You can get quality draperies made by name-brand US manufacturers from wholesale dealers like us, very affordably.

Custom Draperies

Custom drapery is tailored to the size of your windows. It is measured by a professional drapery consultant like ours at Anytime Blinds & Shades. You cannot get affordable custom drapery in thousands of fabric and style options without asking a specialist like us for help.

Our professionals make finding and installing your custom draperies easy. For instance, we provide a complimentary design consultation, free measuring, and free installation. Your design consultation takes place in your own home setting so you can see our draperies next to your own color scheme and furnishings.

Custom draperies are guaranteed to fit. The quality of the material lasts longer and looks better. Plus, you can’t beat the one-on-one design consultation to help you choose beautiful window treatments for your home.

If you are interested in an affordable estimate for custom draperies or other window treatments in Riverside, CA or the surrounding areas, please call 951-776-1596 or complete our online request form.